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Job title: clerk, assistant of foreign trade

Date of release   Work site: Shuofang, Wuxi   Work duration: 1-2 years 

Number of recruitment: 2    Academic background: junior college and above  

 Age: 20-39 Salary: 2500 + commission

Work content:

1. You are responsible for maintaining online platforms such as Alibaba and so forth and for developing and maintaining new and old clients. 

2. You are responsible for quotation, negotiation of contract, tracking of contract and reception of customers. 

3. You are responsible forhandling with order forms of domestic and foreign trade, and for overseeing and propelling assignments of production to make sure that delivery is accomplished following customers’ requirements. 

4. You are responsible for accomplishing other related work assigned by the superior body. 

1. Junior college and above, major in international trade, logistics, sales and business English


Job title: Production director/ workshop director 

Date of release   Work site: Shuofang, Wuxi   Work duration: over 5 years

Number of recruitment: 1    Academic background: no limitation   Age: 30-50  Salary: 6000-8000


1. You are responsible for production in workshops. Those with competence in argon welding and electric soldering are preferred. You are roundly responsible for production, operation and management in the factory;

2.You are responsible for reasonably deploying resources in the factory and coordinating work in all departments of the factory;

3.You are responsible for boosting production efficiency, improving product quality, working on operation procedure and reducing production costs;

4.You are responsible for effectively organizing production staffs to accomplish production assignments in time and following quality to ensure secured production.

5. You are responsible for guiding coordination and communication among different departments to ensure unhindered connection;

6. You are responsible for correctly tackling with emergencies in workshops and timely reporting the process of handling with it to company leaders. You should timely ask leaders for instructions for events that can’t be handled. 

7. Other assignments delivered by the company. 






Job title: domestic sales representative

Date of release   Work site: Shuofang, Wuxi   Work duration: over 1 year

Number of recruitment: 4   Academic background: junior college and above   Age: 20-35 Salary: 2500 + commission


Work content:

1.You are responsible for searching and developing new clients via phone, website, WeChat and channel.

2. You are responsible for learning about customers’ demands through effective communications and for paying a visit to potential clients.

3.You are responsible for maintaining business of old clients, digging into other demands of clients and hunting for other cooperation programs;

4. You are responsible for conducting communication with clients and setting up good and long-term partnership with them. 

5. You are responsible for sorting out archives of clients.




Professional manufacturer of cooling tower



1. Over 5 years of work experience on production management. Those with similar work experience are preferred.

2. Ability to adjust to the company’s requirements for business trip and ability to accomplish equipment installation and debugging.
 3.Ability of car-driving, management, and reasonable arrangement of production. Organization ability, execution power, ability of knowing mechanical processing and reading pictures. Careful in work. Sense of responsibility. Durable to bear hardship and stand hard work. Ability to adjust to business trip.
 4. Good leadership and communication ability. Good interpersonal relations. 

2. Over one-year working experience on foreign trade and correlated sectors, with experiences on Alibaba and other platforms of foreign trade are preferred, and with  unique methods on operating the foreign trade platforms;
3. Command of procedure on import and export business and familiarity with import and export practice of foreign trade.
4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing competence; skillful use of varying office software; strong exploitation competence; sales awareness.

5. Good communication, coordination and implementation ability; down-to-earth, careful in work, agile in response, strong sense of responsibility. 


1.One to two years of work experience on sales. Outstanding graduates major in marketing, heating, ventilation and refrigeration machinery and those with relevant knowledge are preferred. 

2.Good learning ability, outstanding communication ability, articulate, fluent in mandarin, infectious in voice. 
3. Tenacious character, agile in mindset, good learning ability, strain ability and ability to withstand pressure.
4. Acute marketing insight, strong entrepreneur spirit, sense of responsibility, active work mindset. Those with experience are preferred.

5. Those who are enterprising, who love life and have dream, and who are assiduous and progressive.