Cooling tower consumption calculation

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Coolingtowerconsumptioncalculation  Closedcoolingtowersforsoftwaterarecomparedwithopencoolingtowersandpools (taketheactualflowof200tons/hourproject,running20hourseverydayand300daysayearasanexample) 1.

Cooling tower consumption calculation
Cooling tower consumption calculation
Closed cooling towers for soft water are compared with open cooling towers and pools
(take the actual flow of 200 tons/hour project, running 20 hours every day and 300 days a year as an example)
1. Electricity consumption caused by water pool + scaling of open cooling tower (over one year electricity consumption is 240,000 yuan)
Opening tower water is open type, easy to scale, resulting in heating time of furnace and molten steel rising time, electricity waste. Project example:
We purchased a set of 6000KW/12 ton medium frequency induction furnace in shandong province, built a deep 3-meter /600m3 reinforced concrete tank, and added an ordinary round cooling tower. Under the pool, there were mud pollutants and moss grass up to 30 cm thick. After the completion of the cooling tower were unable to use every run three months, all cooling tower packing scale, water can't flow, circulating cooling system, the scale a quarter, the water temperature as high as 75 ℃, the whole system regularly report to the police. 6000 kw - 12 t intermediate frequency electric furnace steel from normal time of 90 minutes, and steel furnace out time for 120 minutes, 30 minutes longer, equal to 1/3 time, we do not speak a set of 12 t electric water pumps and cooling tower and other losses, only calculate 6000 kw electric furnace steel to extend 30 minutes out to use 200 KWH, calculated daily 10 furnace is multi-purpose 2000 KWH, electricity price is 0.4 yuan/degree calculation, and waste of electricity of 800 yuan a day, 300 days a year according to the calculation, the consumption of electricity is 240000 yuan more than a year. Experts estimate that the combined loss of the 12T furnace and wearing parts is more than 300,000 yuan. Later, the steel mills by experts recommend, buy my company FBN - T enclosed soft water circulation cooling machine, cancelled the original open type cooling tower and pool, by my company to the steel mills of the whole system with chemical agent descaling twice and wash three times: pure water, in the whole system run normally, out time is 95 minutes, electrical loss control in the normal range.
Note: there is no scaling in closed cooling tower produced by our company.
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2. Comparison of other expenses
1. Pool fees
Open cooling tower: the pool must be dug.
The average price of a pool built on a rock slope is 600 yuan /m3. The average price is 300 yuan /m3, which is built on the topographically high yellow land. The price of the reinforced concrete pool shall be at least 700 yuan /m3; Summer if the water temperature is 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ can only be cooled to 47 ℃, 8 ℃ to 10 ℃ and requirements on the high side;
Closed cooling tower: no pool required.
2. Equipment maintenance costs
Open cooling tower :(filling of cooling tower + pool)
After every three months of operation, there are mud pollutants and moss grass up to 30cm thick under the pool bottom, resulting in scaling of the cooling tower filling, water cannot flow through, affecting the production. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replace the cooling tower filling materials and clean up the pool, and the cost will increase accordingly.
Closed cooling tower: closed soft water circulation will not cause the equipment maintenance and corresponding cost input due to scale formation.
3. Floor area: the tank must be dug for the tower, and the pipe connection is complex and inconvenient.
There is no need to dig the pool, the floor area is small, and there are only two flanges in and out of the water.
Iii. Comparison of tap water consumption
The water consumption of open cooling tower is: flowing of sprinkling water + evaporation of pool
1. The overflow rate of spray water used in open cooling tower is 2%-3%;
The annual water consumption of an open cooling tower with an actual flow of 200 tons/hour is:
200 m3/h x 2% x 20h/ day x 300 days/year = 24,000 tons/year (maximum).
If the price per ton of water is 1 yuan, the water fee is 24,000 / year.
2. The larger the flow of open cooling tower, the larger the pool, the more water evaporation, the more water consumption.
The water consumption of closed cooling tower is: the flowing water sprayed on copper pipe by spray pump
1. The overflow rate of the spray water used in the closed cooling tower is 1‰-10‰.
The annual water consumption of a closed cooling tower with an actual flow of 200 tons/hour is:
72 m3/h * 10‰ * 20 hour/day * 150 days/year =2160 tons (maximum).
If each ton of water is 1 yuan, the water charge is 0.216 million per year
2. There is no pool in the closed cooling tower. There is no evaporation of water in the pool and no water consumption.