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The key parts of the closed cooling tower need special maintenance

For closed cooling towers, fans and sprinkler pumps are the key components of the entire equipment. For the maintenance of these parts, we should strictly abide by the management method. The following composite closed cooling tower as an example, the corresponding management methods are introduced in detail: square counter-flow cooling tower 1. Fan: When checking the fan, cut off the power supply of the fan motor. Sometimes it is very dangerous for the wind turbine to start suddenly due to automatic operation and so on. And cut off the power at the stop point, restore the power supply fan suddenly start dangerous. (1) Confirm whether the blade is deformed and whether there are dust, dirt and other fixed objects. In addition, it was also confirmed that the gap of the same blade in the tower body is uniform in the circumferential direction. In addition, there is no anomaly. The fan with frequent start and stop of the motor will cause failure. Pay attention to the operation method, so that the number of power-on control within 4 times/hour. square cross-flow cooling tower 2. Spray pump and circulating pump: cut off the pump power supply when checking the pump. Sometimes due to automatic operation and other reasons, the sudden start of the pump is very dangerous. (1) Pressure, flow, current, vibration, noise, etc. are usually quite different from the precursor, and processing is very important. So write a running diary. The vibration is large, please check the pipeline installation problem or the anchor bolt is loose. Sometimes it is caused by the vibration of circulating water. Flexible joints, pressure vibration or absorption devices should be considered during pipeline installation. 3. If the pump outlet valve is closed for a long time, it will burn out internally, so full attention should be paid. Frequent start and stop will soon burn out the motor. Check the following benchmarks to control the startup time. Motor power starting time: less than 7.5kw, less than 6 times/hour, less than 11kw, less than 4 times/hour. If the water in the pump stops in winter, the pump will freeze. Maintain the temperature of the pump or drain water from the inside.



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