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How to choose a cooling tower with low consumption and high efficiency

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It is necessary to clarify the structure selection of cooling towers and the capacity selection of cooling towers.

The cooling tower is generally used as the auxiliary equipment of the central air conditioning system. If it is not selected properly, the effect will not be achieved, and the energy consumption cost will be increased. In serious cases, abnormal work and innocent machine jumping will often occur. So when choosing a cooling tower, what should be paid attention?


1. to clear the structure of the cooling tower selection

At present, the commonly used cooling towers are countercurrent round tower type or cross-flow square tower type. Next, let's count their respective characteristics:

1) Countercurrent round tower cooling tower

The water loss rate is small, the ventilation area is large, and the cooling effect is good; his water distributor is fixed, which is very suitable for cooling water pumps using frequency conversion and energy saving systems;

2) Countercurrent square tower cooling tower

Low noise, easy maintenance, can be more than one combination, beautiful; the cost is relatively high.


2. to clear the cooling tower capacity selection

Within a reasonable range, the cooling water temperature is reduced by one degree, the cooling efficiency is increased by 3% on average, the cooling tower is reasonably set, and the cooling water temperature can be basically reduced by about 2~4 degrees, so increasing the selection of cooling towers is absolutely cost-effective and not wasteful.

When selecting a round tower, the overall efficiency of the cooling tower cannot be guaranteed when the water flow is less than its design value. Therefore, when selecting a round tower, at least two cooling towers with the same flow rate should be selected. Usually, only one cooling tower needs to be opened. When the temperature rises and the weather is hot and dry, two cooling towers are put into operation.

When choosing a cross-flow square tower, there is no such concern because the water distributor is fixed. The air conditioning load changes with the seasons, and its cooling capacity will also change. After the maximum total cooling amount is determined, the configuration scheme of a large number of small-capacity cooling towers is superior to the configuration scheme of a small number of large-capacity cooling towers in terms of operation energy saving and flexibility of downtime maintenance.

If the funds are sufficient, it is recommended to choose a number of independent cross-flow cooling towers with equivalent capacity.